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Macramé Mouse

Plant Support Poles (1' Tall)

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Here is the solution for growing plants that need more vertical support. The 1' tall plant support poles are a great starting option for many plants. Made with PVC and coco fiber these poles can be used in various soil mediums and do not need to be kept constantly damp like a moss pole. For your convenience, each pole comes with three plant ties.

Extension pieces are available for if, or when, your plant needs more room to grow, make sure to check the store to see if they are in stock!


- 1' tall from top to bottom.

- Coco fiber covers approx. 8" for 1' poles.

- Approx. 3.5" for 1' poles at base will be bare so that it can be inserted into potting medium.

- Thickness of coco fiber can vary, leading to pole being approx. 1.25" - 1.5" thick where it is covered in coco coir.

- Please note that these poles are hand assembled by Macramé Mouse and with that some small variance in sizing is to be expected. If you receive your item and you believe it to not measure up to the expectations listed above please contact Macramé Mouse for assistance.


~~~ Looking for colored cord not listed? Please email Macramé Mouse to start a custom order today! ~~~

Have any questions or concerns about this product? Email Macramé Mouse at, thanks!